Upland Forest

Remaining remnant tracts of upland forest contain a mix of species with dominant species changing from north to south, as well as from coastal to inland areas. In the north, mixed forests consist of oak-hickory or mixed hardwoods, white pine-red forest and pine-oak woodlands or barrens. In the mid-Atlantic coastal plain, extending from south of Long Island to the southern Virginia border, pines close to the coast and hardwood forests such as coastal oaks, beech-oak-tulip tree, and oak-beech-blackgum further inland dominate upland forests. Extensive pine barrens still exist in the NJ Pinelands and the Long Island Pine Barrens.

Birds that live here: Baltimore Oriole, Rusty Blackbird, Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Great Crested Flycatcher, Whip-poor-will, Yellow-throated Vireo