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Strengthening the Biological Foundation of Our Conservation Efforts

The Atlantic Coast Joint Venture has adopted a framework that guides our biological foundation in the context of the joint venture’s activities of planning, implementing and evaluating conservation actions. The joint venture recognizes the need for a stronger biological foundation to address increasingly complex and urgent threats to birds and habitats by targeting conservation actions, being transparent and accountable, being efficient with limited resources and providing information to influence a broad range of partners. There are four elements in the joint venture’s biological foundation, biological planning, conservation design, monitoring and research, that operate within an adaptive resource management feedback loop to improve future delivery of conservation actions.

  • Biological planning, the joint venture systematically assesses the needs for sustaining bird populations.
  • Conservation design encompasses a series of steps that use the results of biological planning to guide decisions about where to deliver how much of what habitat in order to be as efficient as possible in restoring and sustaining bird populations.
  • Monitoring involves assessment of the status and trends of populations and habitats and evaluation of the effectiveness of conservation actions.
  • Research is focused on evaluating assumptions made in the biological foundation steps.

A strong biological foundation will allow the joint venture to be more effective, efficient and accountable in sustaining bird populations in the Atlantic Flyway of the United States.