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  • Saltmarsh Sparrow. Photo by Brian Henderson

Saltmarsh Habitat & Avian Research Program Update

  Did you know that the only endemic breeding bird species (i.e., found nowhere else on earth!) in the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture has declined by 9% per year for more than a decade?  Find out more about the plight of Saltmarsh Sparrow and other tidal marsh birds by checking [...]

  • freshwater-wetlands

Accomplishments Through Grant Programs

The North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) Grant: The NAWCA grant program awarded more than $12.3M in funds to ACJV partners this year. Those awards will conserve about 55,000 acres of habitat throughout the Atlantic Coast area.  In addition to the three Standard ($1M) grants awarded last fall in North [...]

Partners In Action


Atlantic Marine Assessment Program

The Atlantic Marine Assessment Program for Protected Species surveys the distribution and abundance of marine mammals, sea turtles, and seabirds in the western North Atlantic Ocean. This information will be used to help best site wind projects. Thanks to the dedicated work of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service aerial team members Troy Wilson, Walt Rhodes, and Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Science Coordinator, Tim Jones. Full article on page 14!