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New Bird Education Curriculum: Birds Without Borders

Birds, education, and cutting edge technology come together in the new book, “Birds Without Borders: Investigating Populations, Habitats and Conservation of Birds in the U.S. and Abroad.”

“’Birds Without Borders’ provides core content knowledge on how ecosystems function and why birds matter,” says Joseph Kerski, education manager for Esri. “The book […]

Saltmarsh Conservation Workshop

ACJV staff and Partners conducted a Saltmarsh Conservation Workshop, Sunday July 19 in Albany, New York in conjunction with the annual summer ACJV and Atlantic Flyway meetings. The intent of the workshop was to compile and assimilate information from throughout the Flyway regarding many facts of saltmarsh conservation efforts. The […]

Partners In Action

Atlantic Marine Assessment Program

The Atlantic Marine Assessment Program for Protected Species surveys the distribution and abundance of marine mammals, sea turtles, and seabirds in the western North Atlantic Ocean. This information will be used to help best site wind projects. Thanks to the dedicated work of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service aerial team members Troy Wilson, Walt Rhodes, and Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Science Coordinator, Tim Jones. Full article on page 14!