Flagship Species Initiative

To achieve our mission, we are focusing our conservation efforts primarily on coastal marsh habitat and three species that depend on this habitat.

Save the Salt Marsh

Tidal marsh birds are facing a crisis that is playing out in nearly every state in the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture. Sea-level rise, urbanization and other human impacts have degraded this narrow band of coastal habitat, pushing many bird populations into steep decline. Recognizing the urgent need and our shared responsibility for salt marsh habitat conservation, the ACJV partnership is directing its collective attention to conserving the Saltmarsh Sparrow, Black Rail, and American Black Duck and the coastal marsh habitat they inhabit.

Where We Work

The ACJV area encompasses very diverse ecosystems and habitats, from the boreal forests and rocky coastlines of Maine south to the tropical mangrove swamps and coral reefs of Florida and Puerto Rico, and from the rugged forested peaks of the Appalachian Mountains east to the low-lying Atlantic Coastal Plain with its many coastal rivers, bays. We work with partners to restore and sustain native bird populations and habitats throughout the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture region. Our efforts are focused on the conservation of coastal marshes, to protect, restore, and enhance habitat for high-priority birds.

News and Events

Annual Report 2018

This past year was productive for ACJV staff and partners. We are excited to share with you our accomplishments from 2018. Salt Marsh Bird Conservation Business Plan for the Atlantic Coast At a 2014 Partners in Flight meeting in Virginia Beach, a group of bird conservation partners from the Atlantic [...]

NAWCA Projects in 2018

Atlantic Coast Joint Venture partners involved in the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grants program had a very successful year in 2018. Eleven Standard grant projects were awarded $1 million dollars each in six states: Maine, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. These eleven projects conserved nearly [...]

Conservation in Action

Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Conservation Initiative

The business strategy approach emphasizes the involvement of scientists, advocates, funders and other practitioners all working together for prioritized, on-the-ground actions that move toward specific, measurable outcomes.

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