Vision Statement

Integrate international planning and implementation efforts among bird conservation initiatives across the Atlantic Northern Forest in order to restore and sustain, at the landscape level, populations of native birds and their habitats in this region.

BCR 14 Coordinator:

BCR 14 Initiative Goals & Objectives

The following goals help to identify accomplishments that will be needed to move the BCR partnership toward realizing its vision:

  • Identify priority species and their associated habitat (e.g., species-habitat suites).
  • Undertake targeted research and monitoring to fill gaps in our basic knowledge of priority species, including identifying factors that limit population growth and knowledge of population size and trend.
  • Develop population objectives for priority species (where applicable) and develop habitat objectives for helping to meet the population objectives.  Where habitat availability is not a major limiting factor, develop objectives for reducing impacts of other limiting factors.
  • Identify priority projects (e.g., management, restoration, acquisition, research, monitoring, and outreach) that will help meet population and habitat objectives, and identify focus areas for conservation actions.
  • Develop geospatial resources for mapping and tracking habitat/land use trends, modeling habitat associations, and identifying focus areas.
  • Implement priority projects and conservation actions, especially within focus areas, through state/provincial, regional, and international partnerships
  • Develop evaluation protocols for monitoring progress toward population and habitat objectives for adaptive management purposes.

Plan Components

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