7/15 Meeting

7/15 Meeting 2015-07-16T16:23:29+00:00

ACJV Management Board Meeting

Albany, New York
July 22, 2015


8:30        Welcome, introductions, review agenda; B. Carmichael

March 2015 Management Board Meeting Minutes

8:45         Discuss and approve ACJV Bylaws; R. Jacobson

Draft ACJV Bylaws

9:00        Update on Biological Priorities & Annual Workplan; M. Hartley

ACJV Workplan

ACJV Biological Priorities

9:15         ACJV 2015 Strategic Plan, R. Jacobson; M. Hartley

10:00      Break

10:30       ACJV 2015 Strategic Plan (Continued); All

11:00       ACJV Science Program Status Review; M. Hartley, T. Jones

12:00       Lunch

1:15          Grants updates (NAWCA, Coastal, GLRI); C. Watson

Grants in the ACJV

1:30         NAWCA / BP / Coastal funding discussion; M. Hartley, C. Watson

2:00        Corporate funding considerations; M. Hartley

Committee Summary

2:30        Board funding for priority projects; B. Carmichael, M. Hartley

3:00        Break

3:30        Communication Update; Deb Reynolds

3:45         LCC Updates, engagement with LCCs & Climate Science Centers; M. Hartley

4:00         Changes in timing & format of AFC / ACJV meetings; M. Hartley

4:30         Parking lot discussions; All

5:00         New business; All

5:30         Meeting adjourns

6:00        AFC Welcome Reception