Saltmarsh Sparrow Habitat Tool

Habitat Tool Prioritizes Saltmarsh Sparrow Habitat The ACJV has adopted a long-term population objective of sustaining 25,000 breeding Saltmarsh Sparrows. To achieve this objective, we must first identify where the highest-priority habitat exists to support the population. To this end, the Saltmarsh Sparrow Working Group has developed a Habitat Prioritization Tool  to identify the most [...]

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Black Duck Priorities in Chesapeake Bay Strategic Plan

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Includes Black Duck Priorities in Chesapeake Bay Strategic Plan The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) partnered with the ACJV to identify restoration and enhancement priorities in the Chesapeake Bay watershed that meet both water quality and American Black Duck habitat goals. Through the Black Duck Decision Support Tool, the [...]

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New York Projects Receive ACJV GLRI Grants

Two projects in New York were awarded grants in Fiscal Year 2017, under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Joint Venture Habitat Restoration and Protection Program.  Ducks Unlimited was awarded $193,934 for their “Loop Road Wetland Restoration” project which will restore 140 acres of emergent wetland (125 acres) and buffering grasslands (15 acres) in New [...]

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ACJV Board Develops New Funding Mechanism

The ACJV Management Board has made a strong commitment toward moving the needle on conservation for coastal marsh birds and their habitat. To demonstrate this commitment, they have developed and approved the first ever ACJV funding instrument to support high-priority ACJV projects. This instrument allows JV staff to bring projects before the Board for funding [...]

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Natural Resources Conservation Service Focus on Black Duck

  In 2016 the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service  (NRCS) expanded its successful ‘Working Lands for Wildlife” (WLFW) program from its initial seven species nationwide, to include eleven new projects.  WLFW projects focus on declining species that have needs compatible with agricultural practices and rural land management and that can benefit from conservation on private [...]

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Partners in Action: Coastal Impoundment Restoration in Delaware

The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) is currently working on coastal impoundment restoration and shoreline/beach restoration through a Hurricane Sandy Relief Grant funded through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. All projects are located within the Delaware Bayshore and each project has its own unique approach and purpose with the overall goal being [...]

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Integrated Waterbird Management & Monitoring: Ready, Set, Go!

Great Blue Heron are just one of many species that benefit from the IWMM program. Photo courtesy of William Majoros Integrated Waterbird Management and Monitoring (IWMM) is a unique approach designed to help individuals and organizations that manage habitats for waterbirds. This cross-programmatic effort provides a standardized protocol and database for monitoring waterbirds [...]

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Six North American Waterfowl Conservation Act Grants Recommended for Approval in the ACJV

The North American Wetlands Conservation Council recommended funding six ACJV project in four states. If funded, partners in Delaware, Maine, Maryland, and South Carolina will receive nearly $5 million dollars in grant funds with close to $12 million in match, protecting or enhancing over 9,105 acres.

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ACJV Partners Receive 2014 North American Migratory Bird Joint Venture Conservation Champions Award

The Maine Wetlands Protection Coalition and the South Carolina Working Group of the South Atlantic Migratory Bird Initiative received the 2014 North American Migratory Bird Joint Venture Conservation Champions Award. The organizations are recognized for their leadership and participation in efforts to protect migratory birds and their habitats. The Maine Wetlands Protection Coalition is a [...]

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