Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Waterfowl Implementation Plan

In 2005, we completed a revision of the original ACJV Implementation Plan that steps down continental and regional waterfowl population and habitat goals from the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) 2004 Update to the ACJV area. The plan presents habitat conservation goals and population indices for the ACJV consistent with the NAWMP update, provides current status assessments for waterfowl and their habitats in the joint venture, and updates focus area narratives and maps for each state. This document is intended as a blueprint for conserving the valuable breeding, migration and wintering waterfowl habitat present within the ACJV boundary based on the best available information and the expert opinion of waterfowl biologists from throughout the flyway.

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As part of its responsibility in implementing the goals stated by NAWMP, joint ventures are developing habitat goals that are biologically linked to the breeding population goals. Ultimately, these goals are to be expressed as an amount of habitat that needs to be protected, enhanced or restored in the ACJV area in order to contribute to achieving NAWMP waterfowl population objectives at the regional and continental scales. Population objectives have been developed for the following species:

Full methodology and species

Recommendations from the Joint Task Group are intended to motivate the policy decisions and the technical work necessary to unite all aspects of waterfowl management.

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