Black Rail Adaptive Management Project

The ACJV, in partnership with USGS, recently secured a 3-year grant  to develop an Adaptive Management (AM) Framework for Black Rail. This project was born out of the urgent need to learn quickly about which management strategies work better than others at creating suitable habitat for Black Rail. Through the AM project, biologists, land managers and Black Rail experts will develop a decision support tool to predict performance of a suite of highest- priority management actions, evaluated across the ACJV region. Partners will then develop and monitor on-the-ground pilot projects in multiple locations from New Jersey to Florida to help inform the tool. Over time, the performance of each management action will be evaluated to update predictions about which actions are more likely to result in suitable habitat for Black Rails. These predictions will strengthen over time as more projects are added, helping to inform future management decisions and ensure that we can get the best habitat on the ground as quickly as possible. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Aimee Weldon.  

Check out our fact sheet about this project!