Saltmarsh Conservation Business Plan Update

At the 2014 Northeast & Southeast Partners in Flight meeting in Virginia Beach, a group of partners from the Atlantic and Gulf coast began to develop a conservation business plan (CBP) for tidal marsh birds.  Led by the researchers involved in the Saltmarsh Habitat Avian Research Program (SHARP), a draft plan was partially completed, which [...]

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NABCI Human Dimensions Fact Sheet

The North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) developed a Human Dimensions information to explain the what, why, and how behind the human dimensions (HD) of bird conservation. It features a definition of HD, reasons for why HD information is crucial to conserving birds, and examples of bird conservation questions that HD can answer. The document [...]

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Flagship Species Initiative

Focused Conservation: A Note from ACJV Coordinator, Aimee Weldon As a Joint Venture, our goal is to move the needle on bird conservation through the work of our partnership. The ACJV is large – spanning the 17 states and territories from Maine to Puerto Rico – and the list of birds and habitats in need [...]

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Coordinated Conservation for Saltmarsh Sparrow

Setting a Population Objective for Saltmarsh Sparrow Drives Coordinated Conservation For each of our flagship species, we aim to create population objectives tied to habitat objectives. Having such objectives makes it easier for partners to understand their piece of the conservation equation and to coordinate efforts and measure success against a common goal. In the [...]

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Black Duck Conservation Tools

Chesapeake Bay Partners Develop Decision-Support Tool For Black Duck Conservation With a $45,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and support from the ACJV and Black Duck Joint Ventures (BDJV), partners are nearing completion of a black duck decision-support tool (DST) that will help conservation practitioners target the highest priority black duck habitats for restoration [...]

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Bird Conservation Region Planning Updates – Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands (BCR 69) and Peninsular Florida (BCR 31)

Bird conservation partners in the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture (ACJV) are now closer to having a full complement of Bird Conservation Region (BCR) Plans that cover our entire geographic area. Currently, BCR plans exist for the Atlantic Northern Forest (14), Lower Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Plain (13), New England/Mid-Atlantic Coast (30), Piedmont (29), and the eastern [...]

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South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative Takes Flight

Flight. Photo courtesy of SCBI For decades, South Carolina was a homestead for vibrant populations of bobwhite quail. Most baby boomers remember hearing the telltale whistle in rural patches of land and seeing coveys flush from roadsides and fence rows on every outing. Changes in land use, however, diminished these once healthy populations [...]

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