NABCI Human Dimensions Fact Sheet

The North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) developed a Human Dimensions information to explain the what, why, and how behind the human dimensions (HD) of bird conservation. It features a definition of HD, reasons for why HD information is crucial to conserving birds, and examples of bird conservation questions that HD can answer. The document also provides an example of how HD has been integrated successfully into a shorebird conservation effort in Nebraska.

This one-pager can be used to provide bird conservation professionals with a quick introduction to human dimensions or provide supervisory staff of bird conservation organization with justification for inclusion of HD into bird conservation research and other efforts. Over the next few months, the NABCI Human Dimensions Subcommittee will work on compiling more examples of how HD has been successfully integrated into bird conservation efforts; these stories are meant to serve as models for why and how HD can be incorporated into programs or projects to increase bird conservation effectiveness and address bird conservation challenges. You can find the information sheet here.

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